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By Christina Castling

1951. A third of County Durham’s villages are classed as ‘D’, no longer worthy of investment. Expected to die quietly they refuse to go without a fight.

Rooted in the true stories and memories of those who called those D villages home, a county- wide fight lasting over 25 years becomes a 12-month journey at Bet’s kitchen table as her family grapple with identity, loss and belonging. With humour, tenderness and not a small amount of grit, the play speaks of fighting to be heard when no one’s listening and of finding a place to belong.

Touring theatres and community venues across the North East June 2022.

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The Secret Garden
by Lisette Auton & Becci Sharrock

“A secret garden, just for them, that no-one else knew about.”


When Lennox finds herself sent to stay in Northumberland after being excluded from her city comp, she is certain there is nothing there for her. Far away from home, with a family she barely knows, she must rediscover herself and in doing so uncover the mystery of the long hidden secret garden.

With brand new folk songs, performed by the cast, this beautiful reimagining introduces new generations to the transformational magic of the garden.

Touring theatres, community centres and schools across the North East of England in June & July 2022.

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