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Melanie Gall

Rescheduled for 2021

Judy is an icon—loved by generations as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. But in the 1930s, Deanna Durbin was a far bigger star. A favorite of Roosevelt, Churchill, even Mussolini, her first kiss was front page news. At 27, she disappeared to a life of obscurity in France. The true tale of the lifelong friendship and rivalry of two great stars of Old Hollywood. 

The Lit & Phil Tickets

Date: Thursday 26th March

Times: 7.30pm

Ushaw Historic House, Chapels and Historic Gardens Tickets

Date: Friday 27th March 2020

Times: 7.30pm

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Stitch in Time: A Knitting Cabaret

Melanie Gall

A delightful evening of needlepoint and music with a scintillating selection of the lost knitting songs of WWI and WWII from Canada, Britain, America and France. Audiences are encouraged to bring their own knitting (or crochet) and stitch along to these funny, poignant, toe-tapping, needle-clicking tunes

Venue: Queens Hall Hexham 

Date: Tuesday 24th March 2020

Times: 7.30pm


Venue: Lit & Phil, Newcastle 

Date: Wed 25th March 2020

Times: 7.30pm


Venue: Ushaw House, Chapels and Historic Gardens

Date: Fri 27th March 2020

Times: 2.30pm


Venue: Alnwick Playhouse 

Date: Tuesday March 31st 2020

Times: 2.00pm

Venue: Arts Centre Washington 

Date: Wednesday April 1st 2020

Times: 1.30pm


Venue: The Witham, Barnard Castle 

Date: Thursday 2nd April 2020

Times: 7.30pm

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Category D

By Christina Castling

Rescheduled for 2021


Set in Durham in the 1950s Category D follows a family navigating life under the threat of relocation. It asks what makes a place home and what happens when you start to lose it, exploring loss, belonging and the power of the past. 

Touring June 2021 

Info for Programmers:

Accepting expressions of interest from receiving houses 2021

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Where There's Muck There's Bras

by Kate Fox

Originally commissioned for The Great Exhibition of the North 2018, this is a comic and thought-provoking show about the real Northern Powerhouse, Northern Women – the sung and the unsung! 


Accepting expressions of interest for 20/21:

DURATION: 80 minutes


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Various Shows

From Melanie Gall

Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel

Opera Mouse * Stitch in Time: A Knitting Cabaret * More Power to your knitting, Nell! * Deanna Durbin * We'll Meet Again

Melanie's show's are portable, informative and fun - she's a trained Opera Singer and never fails to incorporate this talent in to her shows whatever their theme.  Her shows are suitable for the most flexible of spaces.

Tour Dates available 2020/21

Accepting expressions of interest from receiving houses - workshop packages available

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Fun in the Oven

A subversive comedy (physical theatre, storytelling & dance) based on real life testimonies from Britain's unsung war heroes, those women doing their bit for the war effort in a cordite fuelled journey through euphoric emancipation, hidden friendships and anarchic dreams

Expressions of interest taken for 2020/21 venues and festivals  


Tooth + Nail

A highly physical production blending verbatim text with acrobatics, fragmented narrative, and a breathtaking visual language woven to a rich tapestry of the experiences of people living with dementia and those supporting them

Accepting expressions of interest from receiving houses as well as a robust and supportive production partner for the development period of this piece



Eliot Smith Dance

Eliot Smith Dance inspires and excites with its vision for contemporary dance

Pitman is based on the work/lives of Pitmen and the works of the Pitmen Painters

Image: Progging the Mat 

Music: In the mood, Glen Miller

Composer: The Jack Million Band

Poppy is in development for 2019

Info for Programmers:

Tour Dates available 2019 & 2020 UK & INT     


Accepting expressions of interest from receiving houses and internal touring opportunities


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