The Secret Garden


An enchanting tale of friendship and discovery

Commissioned by Queen’s Hall Arts Centre
Premiering at Hexham Book Festival 2022

Written by Becci Sharrock & Lisette Auton
Direction by Ali Pidsley

Design by Lizzy Leech

Sound Design by Sam Slatcher
Produced by Becci Sharrock & Carole Wears

With support from The November Club & Live Theatre

“A secret garden, just for them, that no-one else knew about.”


When Lennox finds herself sent to stay in Northumberland after being excluded from her city comp, she is certain there is nothing there for her.  Far away from home, with a family she barely knows, she must rediscover herself and in doing so uncover the mystery of the long hidden secret garden.


With brand new folk songs, performed by the cast, this beautiful reimagining will introduce a new generation to the transformational magic of the garden.

Find out more about The Secret Garden here.

Cast (in alphabetical order):

Michael Blair

Sarah Boulter

Ellen Carnazza
Wambui Hardcastle

Zoe Lambert

Shreya Patel

Lauren Waine

Public Tour Dates & Venues:

June 2022

July 2022

  • Friday 1 July, 6pm - Coundon & Leeholme Community Centre (Tickets tel: 07834827537)

  • Saturday 2 July, 2pm - Lady Waterford Hall, Ford, Berwick-upon-Tweed