Haddock and Chips by Janet Plater

We are delighted to be working with writer Janet Plater on the development of her new play, with a creative team including actors Phillippa Wilson and Brian Lonsdale, Director Jake Murray, Designer Emma James, Sound Designer Chris Neville-Smith and Production Manager Rachel Glover.

In the coming weeks expect creative call outs for responses to the themes of the play both photographic and written. We are seeking project partners (sponsors, venues, commissions) for a tour in Autumn 2021. Follow our social media pages for updates.

Haddock and Chips is peopled with richly evoked characters that we don't always see on stage and is brimming with humour and humanity. It takes place over the course of one evening in a fish and shop in Whitley Bay. It is a story of a community, a story of hope, with a happy ending and an uplifting message about the power of ordinary people to work together and care for one another.  Remarkably the timely story was conceived and is set before the current crisis.


Brenda and Bob are managing with one staff down.  It’s a busy night.  From a lorry driver passing through to a lass on the town to an old lady recalling the war, all of human life is here.  A policeman arrives with news of a missing child and the community rises to the cause. 

The play aims to provide ‘a good night out’ an ethos espoused since its inception by CaroleW Productions, with music, comedy and some truths about how fallible and lonely we can all be.

Haddock and Chips explores the idea that people don’t always achieve what once they dreamt of. Some are lucky to find contentment in other and sometimes unexpected ways and others drift, searching for a sense of belonging and home.  There are themes of humanity, human decency and the notion of kindness enabling people to keep on keeping on.    

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