Creative Call - Photographers

Haddock and Chips is a new play by Janet Plater which is peopled with richly evoked characters, brimming with humour and humanity. It takes place over the course of one evening in a fish and shop in Whitley Bay. It is a story of a community, a story of hope, with a happy ending and an uplifting message about the power of ordinary people to work together and care for one another.  Remarkably the timely story was conceived and is set before the current crisis.

This is an opportunity for student and amateur photographers based in North East UK, aged 14 or over to explore the themes of the play: (the power of) community, kindness, coastal towns, (being) lost & found, triumph over adversity, unlikely friendships & perception of strangers.

Bob, the owner of the “Frankie’s Fish and Chips Shop”, had ambitions to be a professional photographer as a young man, he never lost his love of the medium. Images and Photography are running themes throughout the play.  

This is simply an opportunity to showcase work on the Flickr gallery which will accompany the play through its development period and possibly a future tour 

If you would enjoy the challenge of working to a brief and are happy to have your work shared to an online audience please upload your pictures here

Please upload maximum of three titled photographs

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