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A Way Home by Christina Castling

‘This house isn’t unfit for habitation. We’re inhabiting it. It’s been habitated for 100 years!’

1951 saw a third of County Durham’s villages classified as ‘D’. They were no longer deemed worthy of investment and were expected to die quietly. But they wouldn’t.

A Way Home is a new play rooted in the stories and memories of the very people who called those D villages home. A County-wide fight lasting over 25 years becomes a 12-month journey at Bet’s kitchen table as she confronts what loss really looks like.

With humour, tenderness and not a small amount of grit, A Way Home speaks of fighting to be heard when no one’s listening, telling a story just as significant today as it was 70 years ago.

Performed by: 

Jacqueline Phillips, Jackie Lye, Jude Nelson, Lawrence Neale, David Raynor, Luke Maddison

Creative Team:

Direction by JonLuke McKie

Design by Alison Ashton

Composer Roma Yagnik

Lighting Design Simon Cole

Sound Design Rachel Glover

Stage & Production Manager Andrea Scrimshaw

Tour Dates & Venues

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that, like so many other projects, A Way Home was put on hold. After a long two year wait, we are thrilled to be sharing the show with you at last. A huge thank you for your patience and to our funders (Arts Council England, Sunday for Sammy, Catherine Cookson Trust and Newcastle University) for their support. 

Production shots by Matt Jamie.

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